Legado Associates

We offer equity research and investment consulting services to private and institutional investors looking for extraordinary returns in the technology sector as well as analysis of special situations.

The cornerstone of our investment philosophy in the tech sector is a value-based approach coupled with an insider's view on the world of technology. For portfolio strategies we rely heavily on behavioral finance and historical research. (For more details about us see bios).

Note: we are currently not taking on any new clients.

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Some Articles on Technology and Investment

  • Into the Storm (Canadian MoneySaver, April 2009) - The most important thing you need to know about the Nikkei Crash. Profile of a Bubble Economy.
  • The Eerie Zone (Canadian MoneySaver, Feb 2009) - A moment's calm before the storm resumes.
  • Preparing For the Bear (Canadian MoneySaver, Sep 2008) - Why is this bear market unlike those of the recent past?
  • End of a Mania (Canadian MoneySaver. Sep 2007) - The closing act in the greatest bubble of all time. The Tech Portfolio gets out while the getting's good.
  • Blogs? zzzzzz... (National Post. June 2005) - The coming Blog "revolution" is overrated.
  • Behold, the God Box (National Post. July 2004) - Less's Law, hard drives and the death of the music industry
  • Time to Buy Telecom (National Post. July 2002) - the worst wasn't over but this commentary correctly predicted the right time to buy back into telecoms.
  • Bubblemania (National Post. May 2002) - new regulation won't prevent another Enron
  • The hardest word (National Post, Jan 2002) - tech guru George Gilder needs to do some soul-searching.
  • Future Perfect (MoneySense, July 2001) - introduction to a powerful investment technique
  • The Internet Implosion (National Post, Jan 2000) - an accurate prediction of the tech crash, two months before it happened


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